Brighouse Bay BioBlitz results

Thursday 3rd October 2013

The sunny coastline of Brighouse Bay proved to be an ideal location for the first 2013 BioBlitz Day. The Bay's mixture of rocky shore, cliff tops, sand dunes, ponds and woodland enabled recorders and experts to explore a wide variety of different habitats and within easy walking distance of the 'base camp' in Brighouse Bay Holiday Park. The event took place on World Oceans Day, Saturday 8th June, and was run in partnership with Scottish Wildlife Trust and Solway Firth Partnership’s Making the Most of the Coast project and supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Around 50 volunteers attended the event and the 24 hours of wildlife recording started with the opening of several moth traps which had been located in various locations the night before. Eleven expert wildlife recorders helped with identification on 7 guided walks which ended with a bat walk at dusk led by Dumfries and Galloway Bat Group. A grand total of 1,193 records were gathered of 469 different species across 24 different taxonomic groups. You can view the full list by downloading the pdf document at the botom of the page.

Moth recording at Brighouse Bay BioBlitz ©Keith Kirk

Notable finds included a Treble Lines moth Charanyca trigrammica, a rare find in the region and an early record of the elusive Northern Brown Argus Aricia artaxerxes, a small, brown grassland butterfly which is often overlooked.  With the help of a bryophyte expert many liverworts and mosses where recorded, some for the first time in the area including Fertile Feather Moss Drepanocladus polygamus, which thrives in coastal locations and had not been recorded in the region for nearly a century. Lobster pots set by a local fisherman provided some marine creatures including Cod Gadus morhua, while the use of bat detectors meant we could record the high flying Noctule bat Nyctalus noctula.

Brighouse Bay BioBlitz was a great day made even more successful by the volunteers and experts who gave their time and support. A big thank you everyone who helped.

You can view a selection of photos from the event here.

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